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Help us Celebrate Our 40th Anniversary!
You never get older, you only get BOLDER! 2018 is a big year for us, and we are celebrating with your best BB photos and stories. So share your boldest BB photos and stories with the hashtag #40YearsBold on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You can also submit them here.

Photo Submissions
It’s easy. Just post your photos with #40YearsBold between August 21, 2017 and March 1, 2018. BolderBOULDER will use all images to create a large 40 YEARS BOLD photo mosaic design. We will also pick 3 finalists, who will have their BB stories told through our videographer. These will be also shared on social media and our website, where fans can vote for their favorite. If you have an old photo, you know like a real print… just snap a picture on your phone and submit that. Easy peasy. We’d love to see it!

All 3 finalists (and a guest) win a 2018 BolderBOULDER Giveaway including Saturday and Sunday night at the host hotel, 2 BB10K Boldest Packages, 2 spots on the Men’s or Women’s Press Trucks, and 2 VIP Guest Party Invitations. The 3 finalists will also be on the stadium floor after the BolderBOULDER on May 28, 2018 for the #40YearsBold Presentation when we announce the Grand Prize winner. The Grand Prize Winner also wins a free BolderBOULDER race entry for life.

JPG and PNG accepted.

#40YearsBold Submissions

Ritika Ugave

I am not a runner, I’m not a fitness personal at all. But when your community puts together an event so large that connects everyone together you have to experience it and be part of it.

I am a Southeast Asian who just moved to Denver metro area in 2016. I walked my first ever BB10k race this year.

I had no idea it would be so much fun. The first 3 miles exciting but afterwards the feet were started to give up because like I said, I’m not a runner and I’ve never walked so much in my life before but the cheers and motivation of everyone around helped me get through this. I can’t wait to be part of it every single year from now. Hopefully it’ll take me less than 3 hours next year. But I tell myself, but late than never. If you put your mind to it, you can do it!

Here’s my BB10K Story!

Mary Lynn Martinez

We love this race, my son and I have been running this race together as a tradition for 9 years. 2018 as you celebrate 40 we will be celebrating 10 years. My son is now 15! His first BB10K was when he was 5! We have been looking forward to Memorial Day every year since. There were times when he was little that I could carry him & we’d hold hands while running. And, though he’s too big for me to carry, we still hold hands through some of the mile markers and for some of the race photographers. Needless to say it’s a fantastic tradition for us! He’s my happiness and my joy! We have a fantastic time running, he enjoys the slip-n-slide every year, we love to watch the parachuters, the fly over, celebrating the veterans, and watching the elite runners! Rain or shine we will continue to make the BB10K our (single mom) mommy and son tradition. Thanks for all the years of fun!

Kirk Baker

For the past two years, we have had four generations of our family run the Bolder Boulder. This picture is from the 2016 race. It has become a family reunion for us!

Kim Butcher

My first experience with the Bolder Boulder was this year, 2017, riding in a wheelchair for 5 miles and then slowly walking the last mile. My friends and I were in a horrific car accident Feb 24 where only 2 of the 3 of us survived. We were hit by a drunk driver. It’ll be so awesome next year to see how much improvement my friend and I will have made. I’m still walking slowly but I no longer need the wheelchair. I’ve had 5 surgeries so far with 1-2 more potentially in the future. I belong to the Colorado Obstacle Racers group and have done many, many, many races over the years. This accident severely impacted my life and abilities but I have zero doubts I’ll be getting back to what I love as soon as I’m healed and ready!

#40YearsBold Instagram Submissions