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It’s easy. Just post your photos with #40YearsBold between August 21, 2017 and March 1, 2018. BolderBOULDER will use all images to create a large 40 YEARS BOLD photo mosaic design. We will also pick 3 finalists, who will have their BB stories told through our videographer. These will be also shared on social media and our website, where fans can vote for their favorite. If you have an old photo, you know like a real print… just snap a picture on your phone and submit that. Easy peasy. We’d love to see it!

All 3 finalists (and a guest) win a 2018 BolderBOULDER Giveaway including Saturday and Sunday night at the host hotel, 2 BB10K Boldest Packages, 2 spots on the Men’s or Women’s Press Trucks, and 2 VIP Guest Party Invitations. The 3 finalists will also be on the stadium floor after the BolderBOULDER on May 28, 2018 for the #40YearsBold Presentation when we announce the Grand Prize winner. The Grand Prize Winner also wins a free BolderBOULDER race entry for life.

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#40YearsBold Submissions

Cliff Doctor

Our daughter moved to Boulder and we decided to visit. Running the race was a great time and made for a great memory.

Judy Hooper

Started BB 2nd year of BB .. and have run 30+ BB and love this event from beginning to end.
My boys, Bret & Troy have continued to have running as one of their sports from the time they were little until now that they are healthy young men, thanks to the Bolder Boulder in our home town. Great Job to the Bosley family for putting Boulder on the map as one of the best 10 K’s in the U.S. !!!

Anne Audain

Your BB10K Story I ran BB in 1981 in 34 mins plus at my first time at altitude! Thought I was dying ! After moving to Denver at Creigh Kelleys advice I won in 1982 in a time that stood for 14 yrs!

Patti Spence

“Life is a participation sport; I never intend to be a spectator.”

“There is no problem that cannot be resolved through positive focus on a long run.”

I live by these two personal mantras that have kept me from surrendering to some of the challenges that life has tossed my way.

Raising two boys as a single mom is never easy, but when the partnering parent has substance abuse issues, the fear of losing either child to the genetic disposition to adapt this behavior is a daily challenge. My goal was to never live in fear, but to empower both boys with a huge sense of personal achievement through running, swimming, cycling, and triathlon.

As a competitive marathon runner, I opted to accept an active role as a volunteer triathlon coach, guiding 26 youngsters on a healthy mind and body experience, teaching them good sportsmanship and sharing my liberating experience as an athletic goal oriented person. For 8 consecutive years, my boys were a part of Team Trilogy, the first sponsored organized youth triathlon team in West Central Florida. The Bolder Boulder was always a target travel race, especially since I left a piece of my heart in Boulder as a CU grad. I’ve remained in the top 10 in my age group every year that I have run — not to bad for a Florida “flatlander”!!

In the summer of 1998, while training for the NYC Marathon, I discovered that I was pregnant, and took on the challenge to remain healthy through my pregnancy by continuing to run. When I crossed the finish line in November at 6 months pregnant, I marked my victory 3 months later by naming my beautiful son “Rayce” (I included a “Y” in the middle of “race” as I was constantly accosted by friends and family about “WHY” (“Y”) I was going to run the race 6 months pregnant. Rayce is now a cross country runner, maintains his fitness, adores sharing the story about the origin of his name, and has declared that his gentile mom’s religion is “Cathletic.”

At 56 years old, I still look forward the Bolder Boulder as an annual family celebration, a reunion of friends, and Boulder is a place that I still consider to be my second home.

Veronica Markley

I’ve always been a runner and I decided to share my passion for running with my students when I moved to Colorado. I had heard about the Bolder Boulder and right away made plans to start a BB Racers Club at the elementary school I taught at. It was important for me to show kids how fun running can be! I’ve been a running coach for the past five years and have loved every minute of it. Getting them there on race day is the best and the excitement never dissipates. I love seeing the astonishment light up on their faces when we join all the other runners. For most of them it is their first time running in a major race. I’ve even roped my husband into helping and I know he secretly loves it. This year I will have to take a break from BB Racers to welcome our first baby into the family. I know I’ll miss taking a group of kiddos out. I may just have to watch other people enjoy the Slip n Slide, my favorite part of the run. However, this year will still be a family affair and I plan on crossing the finish line with a new little runner in the making.

Candice Edwards

We have done the BB for 8 years and each year is more exciting than the last! We love being part of a community that spreads joy, health, kindness, spirit, and love for our world. We hope to be little old ladies 50 years from now, continuing this tradition. Thank you BOLDER BOULDER! We love you!

Peter Tei

This isn’t just my story. My son and I always look forward to running the BolderBoulder against each other. We usually set up in the A wave and try to out smart, out pace, out sprint or out maneuver just each other to take the father/son BolderBoulder title for the year. There may be 50,000 other runners out there but for us there is only one real competitor. We have traded titles a few times but win or lose, after focusing on racing on the first attempt at the course, the second attempt is all in reverse. It is all about high fiving other runners, watching all the cool costumes, listening to all the bands and sliding down the slip and slide. The first course is about being Bolder the second is all about enjoying Boulder. Congratulations for 40 years of BolderBoulder.

Terri Gehring

All the way from Idaho for my 1st BB10K!

Ritika Ugave

I am not a runner, I’m not a fitness personal at all. But when your community puts together an event so large that connects everyone together you have to experience it and be part of it.

I am a Southeast Asian who just moved to Denver metro area in 2016. I walked my first ever BB10k race this year.

I had no idea it would be so much fun. The first 3 miles exciting but afterwards the feet were started to give up because like I said, I’m not a runner and I’ve never walked so much in my life before but the cheers and motivation of everyone around helped me get through this. I can’t wait to be part of it every single year from now. Hopefully it’ll take me less than 3 hours next year. But I tell myself, but late than never. If you put your mind to it, you can do it!

Here’s my BB10K Story!

Mary Lynn Martinez

We love this race, my son and I have been running this race together as a tradition for 9 years. 2018 as you celebrate 40 we will be celebrating 10 years. My son is now 15! His first BB10K was when he was 5! We have been looking forward to Memorial Day every year since. There were times when he was little that I could carry him & we’d hold hands while running. And, though he’s too big for me to carry, we still hold hands through some of the mile markers and for some of the race photographers. Needless to say it’s a fantastic tradition for us! He’s my happiness and my joy! We have a fantastic time running, he enjoys the slip-n-slide every year, we love to watch the parachuters, the fly over, celebrating the veterans, and watching the elite runners! Rain or shine we will continue to make the BB10K our (single mom) mommy and son tradition. Thanks for all the years of fun!

Kirk Baker

For the past two years, we have had four generations of our family run the Bolder Boulder. This picture is from the 2016 race. It has become a family reunion for us!

Kym Butcher

My first experience with the Bolder Boulder was this year, 2017, riding in a wheelchair for 5 miles and then slowly walking the last mile. My friends and I were in a horrific car accident Feb 24 where only 2 of the 3 of us survived. We were hit by a drunk driver. It’ll be so awesome next year to see how much improvement my friend and I will have made. I’m still walking slowly but I no longer need the wheelchair. I’ve had 5 surgeries so far with 1-2 more potentially in the future. I belong to the Colorado Obstacle Racers group and have done many, many, many races over the years. This accident severely impacted my life and abilities but I have zero doubts I’ll be getting back to what I love as soon as I’m healed and ready!

Salih Serdar Yavuz

When I was in 2010 at the start in nyc on the Verrazano Narrows Bridge I heard the first time the American anthem. Now i can`t stop listen it! I love America!

Jamie Wilms

I moved to Colorado in 2009 and did my first BolderBoulder in 2011. I have run one ever since. It is beyond my favorite race and look forward to it every year.

Part of what made it my favorite was it was something my husband and I did together. From 2011-2015, we ran it together. January of 2016 he was diagnosed with stage 4 liver/bile duct cancer and was unable to run any longer, which truly bummed him out. He still came with me in both 2016 and 2017 and was my cheerleader, waiting for me at the finish and telling me how proud he was of me. Unfortunately, he lost his battle with this cancer on August 1st, 2017 just days after his 50th birthday. I am planning on running in his memory and honor at the 40th BolderBoulder since it was his favorite race as well.

Keren Noble

In 2017 my husband and I ran the Boulder to Boulder 10K with my husband’s cousin Thomas who lives in Colorado.
We had a great time running the entire course together while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

This 10k was a very special race for my husband because he finished!
Back in 2014, my husband was diagnosed with a serious heart condition. Running is something he has participated in for over 20 years and he did not want to quit. Under the care of his cardiologist, he continues running but in a modified manner. He has run all distances:186 marathons including a marathon in every state, countless half marathons, 10ks, 5ks, other distances, and other types of racing as well.

Because of his health he can no longer participate in marathons but he still wants to be as active as possible. The supportive crowds and volunteers at the Boulder to Boulder 10k were awesome. We hope to someday return to Boulder Colorado to participate in the Boulder to Boulder 10k again. Boulder is a race that will help my husband continue putting one foot in front of the other all the way to the finish line.

Chris Louie

My story involves my older brother and nephew. They live in Longmont and I live in LA. I have been visiting them for the last few years to run the BB10K. I am proud of my nephew as he starts his running career and has progressively improved his time and is moving up in the corrals. However, I am more proud of my brother who trained and was able to run his first race ever – 2016 BB10k. After many months, soreness, injury to his knee, and other set backs, he was able to complete the race. It proves that with determination, you can do anything.


John Dobie

After getting a Fitbit for Christmas 2016, my resting HR was 94. That was the wakeup call I needed to take responsibility for my health.
Nine months later, 40 lbs lighter, HR 60, starting to run and my goal is to do the BB10 in 2018 in less than an hour! Not a spectacular time but OK for my age – 65. See you there in May!

Victor M Hernandez

2017 was my first race. I train very well and I plan to do it for 2018 making a new personal record.


Our son and his family run Bolder Boulder every year and they have been for 5 or 6 years now. My husband and I just volunteered for first time 2017 and it was quite the experience. We were blown away with the excitement of all parties involved, the beautiful outfits, the driven desire of people all ages and with or with out inflections, wheel chairs, bikes etc.
We were in awe of the explosive inspiration we experienced being involved with the most organized, thorough organization we have ever seen.

Ian Byrnes
My BB10k story is I love doing races and my family does 5ks constantly. I am on my Wyoming High School cross country team and running the BolderBOULDER has become a family tradition. When the idea was first brought up I said, “What’s a 10k?” My mother explained that it was double what Im used to running. I quickly said, “LETS DO IT!!!”


Allison Mueller

I am a CU 2003 graduate. I’ve been adventuring around the US with my Army Aviator husband ever since. It was May 2010, my husband’s first deployment, and my first Bolder Boulder! It was a VERY special day, and I got to share it with my mom, Lynn Bruskivage. Now, we have two young sons and I run the BB whenever I am in town because it is a patriotic party that means so much to our family! My husband is currently on his 4th deployment.

Katherine Valyi

My daughters have run BB for several years and I decided upon turning 65 that it was time to join them. Okay, so I walked it, but it wasn’t so far from a jog… If we’re lucky, I’ll have a pregnant daughter next year and we can walk together! I fly in from NYC specially for this event.

Christine Price

The BB 2014 was the first and only my daughter, Ainsley, and I ever ran. After fighting depression for many years, she took her life in February of 2015 – she was 20 years old. Running was “our thing”. Getting back into it after she passed was difficult. Bringing myself to run another BolderBoulder, even harder. I hope to join you again in 2018 for your 40th. I have to keep running until I see her in heaven some day. She would want it and I want it, too!

Connie Leung

My husband and I had been wanting to run a 10k together for awhile. Having run the BolderBoulder in the past and loving it, I suggested we do it together. We both have loved ones that have served making it even more meaningful to us. It was a privilege to run with their names on our backs. Hoping to do it again with our little one now=0)



Brit Banks

Bolder Boulder 2015.
I’m a huge Buff’s Football fan and I wanted to get people excited about the upcoming season, so I ran the Bolder Boulder in my C U Football Helmet. Ended up running a good time and getting a lot of people shouting “Go Buffs” at me. The only problem I ran into (pun intended) was I had a difficult time drinking water at the hydration stations.
I didn’t run the BB in 2016 or 2017 because I ruptured my Achilles’ tendon (skiing) and had it surgically repaired in March of 2016, but will be ready to run in 2018 (with my Buff Helmet).
Go Buffs!

Richard Gale

Best 10K ever, 67 years old in this picture.

Srinivas Iyengar

The Bolder Boulder is an integral part of our Colorado family tradition. For the last several years , I have had the sincere pleasure of running with my brother and fellow CU Med Alum–Drs. Madhu Iyengar and Brian Berman. Not only are they experts in gastroenterology and neurology, respectively, they both claim to be experts in explaining to me why I will never run as fast as they do. Thanks BB for an annual, always memorable family experience. – Srinivas Iyengar

Kathy Francis

My sister and I grew up in Boulder and we both graduated from CU. We are both now in our late 50s. We participated in our first Bolder Boulder in 2015. I was 9 months post total knee replacement, so it was a big deal to be able to do a 10K.
We did again in 2017 & are already registered for 2018. My sisters registration is her 60 year old birthday present from me.


John Pennington

I moved to Denver in late 2012. It was through running social events I met many friends. In May, of 2013, I attended my first BB with a large group of friends and other mutual friends. I saw and talked to Hannah for the first time at BB 2013. We started dating later in the year. We returned in 2014 since we both love Boulder and that is where we met. When 2015 rolled around, I worked out a finish line marriage proposal for the big screen and announcement. Without hesitation, we returned to run in 2016 as an engaged couple. We just got married in Boulder in January of 2017 and ran our first BB as a married couple in May of this year. Hannah and I have both run the last 5 consecutive times (our only times running BB) and expect to find our way back every year moving forward.

Isabel Alanzo

I love the Bolder Boulder! That’s my story!

Adam Shaddy

This last year was my first year at the Bolder Boulder. I flew out from Portland, OR with 4 of my co-workers to join a few others that we work with. This was my first run of any kind, and it was one of the most fun things I have ever done! We had a blast meeting people and hanging out along the way, and Boulder was so beautiful! We’ll definitely be back next year to help celebrate 40 years! #40YearsBold

Frank Mufic

Prepping with my kiddo a few years ago.

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