Frequently Asked Questions

The BolderBOULDER is not your ordinary event. There is a lot more to the day than just the 10K, and you have a lot of options to make your race perfect. The BolderBOULDER 10K App is perfect for BB info on the run. You can download it here on iTunes or Google Play.

10K Registration Packages

Everyone gets split second tag timing and mile splits, a 2017-2018 calendar/runner’s guide and a keepsake snack bag filled with treats. The first thing you'll be asked to do is choose your race package: 


 EarlyRegularProcrastinationRace Day
Race PackagesMay 30 -
Feb 28
Mar 1 -
May 14
May 15 -
May 28
Short Sleeve$50$55$65$70
Long Sleeve$55$60$70$75
Skechers Premium$65$70$80$85
Bolder (3 Shirts)$80$85$95$100

Kids 14 and under, Seniors 65+, Military (active duty*)

 EarlyRegularProcrastinationRace Day
Race PackagesMay 30 -
Feb 28
Mar 1 -
May 14
May 15 -
May 28
Short Sleeve$35$40$50$55
Long Sleeve$40$45$55$60
Skechers Premium$50$55$65$70
Bolder (3 Shirts)$65$70$80$85

* In addition to active service, military discount also includes retired military after 20 years of service and disabled veterans. Military discount does not include family members, ROTC, or National Guard/Reservist (unless you have served abroad or assisted with US national disaster recovery during your military career). An important part of the BolderBOULDER is to honor the men and women who have served our country, make sure to join us for our Memorial Day Tribute after you run.


When is the BolderBOULDER?

It’s always on Monday, Memorial Day, rain or shine, which in 2017 is on May 29.

The wheelchair race is the first wave, starting at 6:50am followed by the “A” wave at 6:55am. From 6:55am to approximately 9:22am the other 100 waves will launch. Check the wave start times schedule for details.

The International Team Challenge begins at 11:13am (women) and 11:24am (men), and will finish inside the stadium between 11:45 and 11:56am. 

The Memorial Day Tribute begins in the stadium at 12:00pm. Join us, it’s gonna be packed!

How do the waves work?

We invented and perfected the wave start. We want you to run, jog or walk at your speed, so there are over 100 waves in the BolderBOULDER, each organized by pace.

Only the first 30 waves (sub-68 minute pace) require proof of qualification. You can register for any of the subsequent waves without qualifying. This way, you can run/jog/walk with runners like yourself, and not get lost in a mass start.

Learn more about how waves work.

Do I need to qualify? Only for the first 31 waves.

You only need to qualify if you want to run in the first 31 start waves. There are five ways to qualify:

  1. Use last year’s BolderBOULDER 10K time: Anything 1:08:00 or faster gets you in the perfect qualified wave for your pace. Check your results.
  2. Use last year’s ColderBOLDER5K time: Anyone who finished faster than 32:38 minutes automatically gets in a qualified wave. Check your results.
  3. Use other races: Any timed race between two miles and a marathon completed within one year of the upcoming BolderBOULDER gets you in a qualified wave. Check the Equivalent Times Chart to see how your race time translates to a 10K time.
  4. Use our treadmill test: Qualify for free by running two miles at our BolderBOULDER Store until May 26, or at the SportsExhibit on the Pearl Street Mall May 27 and 28th 10am-6pm. We’ll cheer every step of the way, and get you in the right wave for your best race experience.
  5. We will hand out qualifying cards and can register people for BolderBOULDER at the Dash N Dine Race Series on May 16, 2017.
Can I start with friends or family? Yes.

We can help you start with your family or friends; the rest of the day is up to you. If you want to be in the same start wave, register everyone online or in person at the same time. Enter the names of those you want to run with in the appropriate field. Qualifying rules still apply, and everyone in your group will be placed in the slowest person’s wave (it helps if everyone chooses the same participant type). If your buddies are already registered, check our Friends and Family Search Page to see which wave they are in.

Can I change waves once I register? Yes.

No problem, assuming there are still bibs available in the wave you want. Return your bib and timing tag to our Twenty Ninth Street store until May 27, or to the SportsEXHIBIT on race weekend. For a $10 bib change fee we’ll get you switched. Keep in mind that you won’t be allowed to move up to a faster wave on race day.

Is there parking and transportation? Yes.

There are lots of ways to get around:

  • Get on the bus: Whether you live in Boulder, Denver, Longmont, or anywhere in between you can catch an RTD bus to the race. Click here for RTD rates, schedules and routes.
  • Turn your run into a brick, with a bike ride: Both the start and finish areas are close to the Boulder Creek Path. Once you get to Twenty Ninth Street there are many available bike racks. The paths along 30th Street will be closed from 5am to 9:30am, but 29th Street provides an easy alternative.
  • Buddy up on driving: Drop offs are located near the start line at two separate points: The right lane of westbound Arapahoe Ave. between 38th St. and 30th St, or on the northbound 28th St. Frontage Road between Colorado Ave. and Arapahoe Ave.
  • Parking: Parking near the finish line is available on the CU campus south of Colorado Ave. and Regent Dr. Race day rates are $25 per vehicle, or you can save $5 and pre-pay for parking. Choose BolderBOULDER as your event, and once you purchase online you will receive instructions to print your permit that will reserve space in a prime lot with short walks to the start and finish. Check out other parking options here. A special BMW VIP Lot is available on the southeast corner of Arapahoe and 30th Street for BMW drivers (access via Marine and Arapahoe).
Is there anything I can't do? Just a few things.

In order to keep everyone on their feet, we don’t allow pets, strollers, inline skates, and costumes that extend beyond the body. There are no refunds, exchanges or transfers on registration fees, but if you sign up and can’t run, you can take advantage of our Bolder GuaRUNtee.

What do I get in my race package?

Other races are giving less and less, but we work hard to give you more. Beyond the beautiful setting and amazing finish, you’ll experience the Memorial Day Tribute and on course bands. You’ll also receive a training calendar, a BolderBOULDER race T-shirt and a commemorative lunch bag with treats to show off at school or work. You can also upgrade to a Skechers performance technical tee or a long-sleeve shirt. Plus, our race sponsors and partners offer more samples and discounts than you could shake a timing tag at.

How do I see my results?

How to find your results: We know that most times, it’s all about your time. That’s why BolderBOULDER has got the most seamless, advanced results of any 10K in the world. We will post results online on race day, and later in June you will get an official finisher certificate with full dash-board readout about your race in the mail.

Results texts: Text BB2016 plus your bib number to 343-434 (e.g. BB2016 GA123) to receive a text of your splits and overall time after you finish.

Are there lockers? Yes.

We offer a Mobile Locker service ($3 pre-race or $5 race day), where you can drop your gear at a truck on the southeast corner of 30th & Walnut and it will be waiting for you outside the stadium when you finish. Any clothing left on the ground or fencing in the start area will be immediately donated to charity.

Is childcare available during the race? Yes.
PRK_logoWeb BolderBOULDER is partnering with PRKids to provide childcare at
the Boulder Marriott from 6am to 1pm on Memorial Day. Prices
vary depending on when you sign up. Click here for details and
to register for childcare.


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