ITC 2017 Men’s Announcement

For Immediate Release Contact: Stephanie Winslow-Sell BolderBOULDER 303-437-8909 BolderBOULDER Announces Top Three American Men Returning for 2017 Scott Fauble, Diego Estrada, and Abdi Abdirahman running on Team USA Red APRIL 26, 2017...

Get the inside scoop from our BB Bloggers

We’ve assembled an awesome team of local and national bloggers who will be sharing their 2017 #BoldNation experience. Find out more about our bloggers here. Their entries will give you a unique perspective on the BolderBOULDER experience.

My Top 10 Kilometers
by Joe Gierlach | March 28, 2016
NederMayor blog

As I’m visualizing how race day will go, I’ll post this now, and I can refer back to it as we get closer to the end of May to get pumped up for race day. I call it My Top 10 Kilometers.

1K Chilly/Brisk Morning
I wake up at 8,400 feet above sea level, and on the last . . . continue reading


Hilary Topper

Hilary JM Topper is the CEO of HJMT Public Relations Inc., a full-service PR and social media agency located in NY. She is also an avid blogger and curates the, blog and hosts a weekly radio podcast. Additionally she teaches social media and communications technology at Hofstra University for graduate and undergraduate students.

Leslie Armstrong
Post BB10K Recovery
by Leslie Armstrong | May 22, 2016
Hiking Mommy Blog

And Finished! Yeah! You just crossed the finish line, whether it’s your first or 31st BolderBOULDER your feet have pounded through the streets of Boulder on Memorial Day and you are done! Congrats! Maybe you join the sub-40 minute group and maybe . . . continue reading

Matt Thompson
Time to Fuel Your Body
by Matt Thompson | May 16, 2016
Matt Thompson Homes

You’ve put in all the miles. Your goals have been written and visible for months. You may have even done some speed work. Or maybe you haven’t done any of these things and you still understand the importance of fueling your body for the . . . continue reading

BLOGGER_Sue copy

Sue Levin

Sue is a full time registered nurse, and mother of 4 amazing children. She has a unique approach to exercise, most often traversing the hallways of a local hospital as a means of “training”. With three of four children now in college, Sue has once again “taken to the streets” to log additional miles. For Sue, becoming a blogger for the 2017 Bolder Boulder is the icing on the cake to having already participated in this amazing event at least 20 times.

BLOGGER_LesleyS copy

Lesley Stephenson

Lesley is 32 years old originally from Austin, TX.  She was a two-sport athlete in high school with soccer and lacrosse, and played lacrosse for 3 years at Babson College.  After a move to Dallas she fell in love with running and knocked off a handful of 5k’s, 2 10k’s, and 4 half marathons, in various states. She has since joined the staff at CU and looks forward to her first Colorado race, the BolderBOULDER. Lesley writes the blog In Lesley’s Corner.

 BLOGGER_Chris copy

Chris Englert

Chris Englert, the Walking Traveler and writer the blog Eat Walk Live of believes walking is the platform for life. Volunteered into wander-lusting at age of five, she’s since traveled all 50 US states and 51 countries. She loves Denver, has hiked all of its major trails, and has lead urban hikes in all 78 Denver neighborhoods.