Thanks for a Rockin’ Memorial Day 10K

2017 Course Entertainment will be finalized in the Spring.

Want to submit your band to play on the course? If you’re a member of, search for “BolderBoulder” there. Or you can drop an email to

Here’s a list of who rocked the BB10K on Memorial Day 2016:


Mile Marker

Location Group Description 


0.0 Start Dave McLoughlin Call To The Post trumpet 303-444-7223 x152
0.1 30th
& Pearl
Blues Brothers Band Jake & Elwood return!
0.4 30th & Mapleton Covex Groove DJ mixes
0.5 30th & Bluff Chick-Fil-A cows Dancing cows!
0.6 30th & Valmont Logo Ligi African drumming
0.7 Valmont & 29th Solterra Cover band rock
0.8 2840 28th  St 101st Army Country Band Cover band country 303-444-7223 x152
1.1 28th & Pine Edison Alternative folk pop
1.4 Pine & Folsom Eddie Rose Productions Disc Jockey
1.6 Folsom/HillTop Desert Rain dance group Belly Dancing!
1.6 Folsom/HillTop Jane Hunt Landscape painting
   1.8 Folsom & Valmont Elvis! Elvis is in the house
2.4 23rd & Glenwd Gamelan Tunas Mekar Music from Bali
2.9 19th & Glenwood Rocky Ridge Bluegrass students
3.0 19th & Elder Beledi Dance Caravan More Belly Dancing
3.0 19th & Elder Ms Tu-Tu Enthusiastic Dancing 303-444-7223 x152
3.5 Cedar & Ellison Zumba Dancers Rhythmic Dancing! 303-444-7223 x152
3.6 Cedar & 14th DJ Fleugel Spinnin’ the tunes 303-444-7223 x152
3.8 13th & Balsam AJ Silverberg Folk yet bold
4.1 13th & North Zyzzyx Road Classic Rock covers
4.2 13th & Portland The Royal Pains Kids Rockin’ Out! 303-444-7223 x152
4.3 13th & Mapleton Foxfeather Pop, blues, folk, more!
4.4 13th & Spruce Liz Barnez Acoustic swamp rock
4.5 14th & Spruce Aspen Hourglass Alternative Pop Progressive
4.6 15th & Pearl The Who Dos Groovin’ RnB soul
4.7 17th & Pearl Taylor Scott Soul jam sounds
4.8 18th & Pearl Boulder High Poms Pom Pom students
4.9 20th & Pearl The Deciders & Friends Various bands 303-444-7223 x152
5.0 Walnut & 21st Brandon Copeland DJ spinnin’ tunes 303-444-7223 x152
5.2 Walnut & Folsom Banshee Tree Jazz, folk & swing
5.3 Folsom & Canyon The Goonies The 80s return!
5.4 Vlg Shop Center (7:30-9:30) US Navy Band – Northwest Passage Navy men musicians
5.5 Vlg Shop Center (9:30-11:30) Boulder Samba Brazilian Drumming
5.5 Folsom & Arapahoe Tailgater Rockstars Country Rock
5.9 Folsom /Newton Ct Centennial Pipe Band Bagpipes
6.0 Stadium Drive Boulder High Pep Band Marching Band sounds!
Expo Race Day Expo The Pamlico Sound Da Funky Horns