FEB. 14 – 28


7 Workouts + 7 Random Acts of Boldness in 14 Days = 1 BOLD Medal



This event is about total heart health: working out to feel strong outside,

plus small acts of kindness to feel good inside.

The goal is better fitness and to help make the world around us a little better,

at a time when people need it the most.

You do 7 Workouts, of any kind, shoot for 30 minutes, one must be a 5K.

You do 7 Random Acts of Boldness, we’ll help with ideas along the way.

Enter your workouts to earn your Bold Medal.


Register you and your loved ones.

Give this as a gift. For the first time in your life, get ahead on Valentine’s Day.

Check out the Smooch Your Pooch Add Ons!

Join us on Facebook and Instagram to share in the love. 


Official packages are limited, and we expect to sell out like the ColderBOLDER. 

So get ready to wear your heart on your sleeve and be one of the first to register.


A perfect Valentine's gift if we may say.


Charcoal Heather Lightweight Hoodie


$20 voucher at Boulder Running Company

Sweet treats from Little Secrets Chocolates

Official Bib

Access to our Private Facebook group


Nobody loves running or walking with you more than your furriest friend. 

We can't wait to see photos of your loyal sidekick!

Dog Tag Medal - $5

Bandana - $10

Collar - $15

All three - $25


Do different activities or run them all.

Aim for 30 minutes for each workout, just do at least one 5K.

And yes, walking, yoga and dancing count, it’s up to you. 

We make entering them super simple, and after you enter #7 we’ll send your BOLD medal.


Doing something kind doesn’t have to be a huge deal or cost money. Small things do make a difference, especially when they are sincere.

Our hope is simply to help make kindness more top-of-mind, to bring more smiles to faces around us, and to help make people feel warm inside.

We’ll share ideas throughout the event to help inspire you, and we’d LOVE if you’ll share yours to help inspire others.

But we’re not tracking these, this is something for you to do the way you see fit.



Will this sell out?


We expect a huge turnout and to sell out like the 12 Days of ColderBOLDER. Registration and official packages are limited. So get ready to wear your heart on your sleeve and register asap.

What does Registration include?

A Charcoal heather lightweight hoodie, $20 voucher at Boulder Running Company, a sweet treat from Little Secrets, your 5K Bib and your HEART OF BOLD medal upon completion. 

Also stay tuned for a few heartfelt surprises along the way.

Is there an online community for this?
  • Registration includes entry into our private and very active facebook group to help you stay motivated, connect with friends, see what everyone is doing, and share activities.
  • You can also follow us and share on Instagram if that’s more your thing.
How do I participate?

Registrants receive an official Kick-Off email Feb 11th, with all the LOVELY details. Here’s what to expect:

  • The official challenge takes place February 14th through February 28th.
  • You must complete 7 workouts during that time. You can do 7 in a row, or spread them out as needed.
  • You must run or walk one 5k as one of your workouts (after all, we are the BOLDERBoulder).
  • Do any other workouts for at least 30 minutes. We’re using the honor system—we know you have enough heart to do this right!
  • Complete 7 random acts of Boldness (aka kindness). We’ll give you ideas along the way, but it can be as simple as complimenting someone or buying someone’s coffee. We’ll give you opportunities to share those with us if you choose. We would love to hear about them because it will help inspire others. However, in the spirit of giving, entering these is not a requirement.
  • In your kick-off email you’ll receive directions on how to submit your workouts. We’ve made it super simple.
  • As soon as each workout is entered you will receive an email for the next entry. Be sure and enter them as there are some special rewards along the way!
  • After entering all 7 workouts, we will mail your Heart of Bold Medal
How do I track and submit the 5K and other workouts?
  • We don’t require any specific app to track activities. You submit your activity to our website after you complete each one. They are done on your honor.
  • Your Kick-off email on Feb 11 will have all the instructions on how to submit your first activity. 
  • Click the button in the email to submit your first activity. When you are done with that, you’ll get an email with a button to submit the 2nd activity, and so on. After completing each activity, you’re prompted to enter your next activity,
  • After all 7 workouts are completed by Feb 28th, we will send your medal.
What workouts count for this challenge?
  • A few to consider: Running, jogging, walking, hiking, snowshoeing, snowboarding, skiing, sledding, hockey, weightlifting, swimming, bicycling, climbing, yoga, hugging, kissing…
  • We just want you to stay active and do what you love.
  • We only ask that you do at least one 5k during this time because after all, run conquers all. And yes, all 7 workouts can be a run!
  • Join our very active, private facebook group to be inspired, to share, and to connect. Or follow us on Instagram if that’s more your thing.
When do I get my Heart of BOLD package?
  • You will receive an email when Packets are ready to be picked up at Boulder Running Company Locations. (BoulderCherry CreekLittleton, Colorado Springs) Or Scheels in Johnstown, CO. Bring your email with the sequence number
  • If you choose to ship you will receive a tracking number via email from us when it has been shipped.
  • After all 7 workouts are completed by Feb 28th, we will send your medal.
What is Random Acts of “BOLDNESS”?
  • It’s the perfect time to share some love and we are suggesting this is the perfect challenge to help keep that top of mind. We’re asking you to complete 7 random acts of Boldness (aka kindness) between Feb 14th and Feb 28th. It can be MANY things… a compliment to someone, a note to a friend, buy coffee for a stranger, shovel a neighbor’s sidewalk, etc. In the spirit of giving, we won’t be judging or even tracking, but would LOVE to hear about your great acts and share them with others.
  • Join our very active, private facebook group to be inspired, to share, and to connect. Or follow us on Instagram if that’s more your thing.
Can I do this with friends or family?
  • Yes of course. Like all of our events, whether in person or virtual, doing them with friends and family is always more fun. So challenge a loved one to join you even if they live in another state. The more the merrier. You can even register your “sweatheart” and give the Heart of BOLD challenge as a gift. Look on our registration page for more information.
  • Share your experience with us! Join our very active, private facebook group to be inspired, to share, and to connect. Or follow us on Instagram if that’s more your thing.
What’s the Smooch your Pooch package?

Well, there’s no better “sweatheart” than our furry friends. We have some very special Smooch your Pooch add-ons that will make the challenge a treat for you and your trusty sidekick!

What are you waiting for? Have a heart, be BOLD.

Heart of BOLD 2021 Countdown