2020 Cancellation FAQs


“This is the most difficult decision we’ve ever had to make, but the health and safety of our participants and our community are paramount” – Race Director Cliff Bosley

To say we are disappointed to have to come to this decision is a severe understatement. This has been all we have known for the last 41 years. We already had to postpone the BOLDERBoulder from its traditional Memorial Day to Labor Day, but after consulting with our partners at CU and the City of Boulder out of an abundance of caution, we need to now cancel the 2020 event. It is not our preference to wait, but it is essential. We look forward to being back with you, in person, in Boulder, Colorado next Memorial Day, May 31, 2021.

Read more in the press release.

With this, we know that you will all have so many questions and will do our best to answer them here.

I am already registered for the BOLDERBoulder, now what?

  • You are automatically registered and you have a guaranteed spot on the start line Memorial Day, 2021- NO COST.
  • 2020 Race Package will be in your hands soon.
    • In July, we will send an email that your 2020 Race package is ready. You can pick it up at the location you chose during registration, or it will be mailed if that was your choice.
  • Next year, you will also receive the new 2021 Short Sleeve Race t-shirt package – NO COST.


Signed up for both the FORTitude and BOLDERBoulder?

You are automatically registered and have a guaranteed spot on the start line for both weekends.

Or, invite a friend to do it with you!

Just email us at [email protected].


What if I can’t run in 2021?

Options for you to choose from:
We will move your registration forward to
  1. FORTitude 2021 or,
  2. BOLDERBoulder 2022 or,
  3. BOLDERBoulder 2023.

If you are not able to run, you may also..

  1. Gift your entry to a friend
  2. Donate your entry to our BOLDERBoulder Racers program for entries for 2 kids who cannot afford to run.

Requests should be submitted through the Change Request Form.


When will registration open for the races in 2021?

Registration for the 2021 BOLDERBoulder and FORTitude 2021 will be open in December.


What about FORTitude and Labor Day

Unfortunately, we are unable to run on the streets of Fort Collins this year, but be assured we will return in 2021 stronger than ever!

But keep an eye out for our announcement about a Fall virtual event, so that we can continue that tradition as well.


What about COLDERBolder?

We are still planning on running in December for the 18th Annual COLDERBoulder


What about the BFC Club?

First, thanks so much for being a fan.

New for 2020, we will pivot to a Virtual BFC Club. Join us from your location for the VirtuALL 10K on Memorial Day, the VirtuFALL 10K

on Labor Day, AND either in person or virtually for the COLDERBolder 5K in December. 



BOLDERBoulder’s Boldest – What about my running streak?

Your streak will remain intact!  



Stay tuned, we have some exciting announcements coming for this summer and a new virtual fall event.
It’s going to be RUNBELIEVABLE!

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