BB Racers Club for Kids

Beginning in 2010 we added elementary schools to this program and the name has changed to the BBRacers Club. The program gets elementary and middle school students, their teachers and families excited about fitness by preparing and training for the BolderBOULDER using a variety of fun activities and an online training guide. By providing this opportunity, BolderBOULDER, together with its participating schools, work to develop a life-long commitment to health and fitness. In 2015, 1,461 students participated in the program.

The schools are divided into three divisions according to size. There is a competition in each of the divisions for highest student participation. This year there will be five waves of BBRacers Club participants.

In 2014, BolderBOULDER began an overnight program for rural schools in eastern Colorado. BB Racers, coaches and parents arrive the day before the race, stay in the University of Colorado dorms, meet CU student athletes, and walk to the start line together.


BB RACERS Registration Is Open!

In order to insure timely distribution of race packets and accuracy in scoring; students, teachers, and school staff will register online for the BolderBOULDER differently than the rest of the racers. In addition to the usual fields including name, address, etc., the BBRacers registration forms will include school name, grade, and a selection of BBRacers Club waves. Paper registration forms will also be given to all coaches for those students who cannot register online. Students that register will receive a discount off their entry, a special BBRacers T-shirt and a goody bag containing items donated by race sponsors. We do ask that you encourage online registration to minimize errors and ensure the deadline is met.

Why You Should Join BB Racers


Benefits For Students
  • Discounted race registration for all students in BBRacers Club (see below)
  • Access to exclusive BBRacers Club online registration
  • 10 week training program
  • Weekly newsletters, information and motivation
  • BBRacers Club t shirt and other goodies
  • Packet delivered to participating school
Benefits for Coaches and Schools
  • Coaches receive complimentary entry to the BolderBOULDER and special coaches gifts
  • School receives access to exclusive BBRacers Club online registration
  • School receives special participation plaque or division winner laminated poster
  • BolderBOULDER offers school presentations (assemblies, etc.) by our staff on training and the race to encourage recruitment in the program
  • Special BBRacers Club DVD and banner for own promotion
What About The Stragglers?

Those students who miss the registration deadline, may register for the race, but not as part of the BBRacers Club. There are no exceptions to this deadline. Students who miss the deadline will register as a regular race participant and will have other options as to where to pick up their race packet. It will not be delivered to the school and they will not receive the discount. Letters to parents explaining the deadline will be provided to you at the kickoff.

Race Packet Delivery

Race packets will be delivered to each school in advance of the race if participants register by the program deadline. Parents and non-middle school siblings may register for the race through the school and have their packets delivered along with their student’s, and may run in BBRacer Club waves along with their kids. We will have several BBRacer Club waves this year. These waves are for the students, their parents, friends and siblings. However, students and teachers/staff taking part in the Challenge do not have to do the BolderBOULDER in these waves. We have had many participants whose times are fast enough to qualify for the seeded waves. If the participant decides they would rather run in a non-BBRacer Club wave (qualifying wave) they will still be counted in the Challenge with their school.


Awards Highest participation awards will be given to both elementary and middle school in each division. Divisions are based on the size of the school:

  • Division I: 1-200 students
  • Division II: 201-550 students
  • Division III: 551 or more students
  • Other awards include: Top 3 fastest girls and top 3 fastest boys for each school.