Training for the BolderBOULDER

This has been our mantra from day one. We created this event because we believe anyone can do a 10K, and everyone benefits from better fitness—it is one of the foundations to living a BOLD life.

Step 1: Buy running shoes. Don’t overthink it. If they fit well and you can run comfortably in them, they’ll work. If you want more specific advice, visit a running store, like the Boulder Running Company

Step 2: Run. The simplest plan is just walk or jog 3x a week for 30 minutes. Start slow. Walk as much as you need to. Jog as much as you can. Take time to rest and recover.  

Step 3: Be bold. Enjoy yourself. Have fun. You earned it. You make this the biggest and best Memorial Day celebration on earth. Revel in the moment and celebrate your accomplishment.

Set a personal goal that you can achieve. You don’t have to run at all or run the whole thing—unless that’s YOUR goal. You can always do better next year. 

Choose a training plan below that suits you best. The more consistently you train, the bigger the gains you will make. You can also contact a training group like our partners at Revolution Running. If you are just starting out, feel free to modify the durations and repetitions to your comfort level. 

BB10K Training Videos

Our friends at 7NEWS have posted a series of training videos to help you thrive on Memorial Day. It’s never too late to start training.



Whether you run, hike, ski, or bike we want to know how you train. Use #TRAINBOLDER to show us how you’re gearing up for a fast Memorial Day. Each week we will send one lucky runner some BB swag. Three ways to enter using #TRAINBOLDER:

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