We’re not letting COVID-19 keep us down or hold us back from staying healthy. Take this extra time to refocus on training, on the little things that make a difference and in the end, these extra weeks of consistent training will help you possibly run your fastest BB yet!

Some things to keep in mind:

First and foremost, stay healthy! Make smart choices when choosing workout options. Whether its staying inside and doing a run on the treadmill, doing a HIIT workout or other strength training or getting out the door for a walk, jog or run, while keeping in mind the current restrictions recommended by the State of CO.

Exercise will improve your mental state Reduce stress, consistency will help with a sense of accomplishment.

Set a goal. Tell yourself. Tell your friends. Tell the world. Commit to it and make it happen.

Online Support Use the depth of our online communities for connection and encouragement through Facebook, Instagram and in our Strava Club. Day by day, little by little, we can stay strong, we will get through this.

Train with STRAVA

Whether you are just getting into shape, or are looking to set a personal goal for this year’s race, Strava can help you in that journey.

Use Strava to track your workouts, set goals, follow your progress each week, month, and over time.

Join challenges like the BOLDiTUDE Challenge and join our BOLDERBoulder Club to keep you motivated.

Compare your performance on segments or routes with your past efforts, or with your friends or competitors.

Stay Fit, Stay Strong with the BOLDiTUDE Challange on Strava

Running, jogging, walking, are not canceled. Stay Fit, Stay Strong.

Complete four days of activity per week for four weeks and get a shot at winning a package from our partners Altra and Goodr and earn this BOLDiTUDE digital badge.


MUUV with Emily

Nuun Hydration has partnered with Emily Shromm to bring her special blend of wholehearted enthusiasm and professional experience to an 8-week strength training program giving experience and novice participants the guidance and support they need to crush their goals for 2020.

Running Training Plans

This has been our mantra from day one. We created this event because we believe anyone can do a 10K, and everyone benefits from better fitness—it is one of the foundations to living a BOLD life. Choose a training plan below that suits you best.

Running During COVID-19

From tips on how to keep training to some interesting reads from around the web. Strength

Around the web

How are the Pros handling this?

Having to take time off from racing and reaching our goals can be frustrating for us runners. Elite athletes count on racing as part of their income. Here are some stories on how they are adjusting their training, goals, and mindset.

Aliphine Tillimuk finishes 2nd at the 2019 BOLDERBoulder Aliphine Tuliamuk – NAZ Elite
2020 Olympic Marathon Trials Winner, 2nd at 2019 BOLDERBoulder International Team Challenge
Read at Women’s Running
Tyler McCandless – Boulder Harriers, Rabbit Elite
Winner of BB10k Citizen’s race, 3x International Team Challenge
Watch on Altra Running’s Facebook Live
Lindsay and Kaylee Flannagan at the finish of the 2018 BOLDERBoulder Lindsay & Kaylee Flanagan – Asics and Roots Running
BB10K International Team Challenge
Watch on Stryd’s YouTube channel
Reed Fisher at the finish of the 2019 BOLDERBoulder 10k Reed Fischer – Tinman Elite
BB10K International Team Challenge
Read his story and more at Tinman Elite’s website


We will be sharing many more articles, tips, podcasts, workouts, etc on our social channels. Tag us in your workouts and in stories on how you are staying sane during these challenging times. #RunningisnotCancelled #TrainBOLDER  #RunBOLDER #RunwithFORTitude 

Run a Virtual BB10K While Treadmill Running

Need something to do while training indoors? Jump on the treadmill and take a virtual tour along our course during the 2018 BOLDERBoulder.

It Starts With The Shoes

the Boulder Running Company is a proud sponsor of the BOLDERBoulder 10k. Don’t overthink it. If they fit well and you can run comfortably in them, they’ll work. If you want more specific advice, support your local running store, like the Boulder Running Company which has 5 locations to serve you.

Boulder Runnning Company Concierge Program

If you need additional assistance in finding the right product feel free to give our stores a call – we are now offering virtual support through our concierge program and can continue to be your go-to place for knowledge and expertise. Services Include:

  • Curbside pickup (where available)
  • Phone orders with free ship-to-home service
  • Virtual store visits via preferred social media channels (Facetime, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.) and email to help you find the right products for your needs
  • Virtual video fittings via email or preferred social media channels

Call, email, or message your local BRC for more details and to get fitted in the right gear to keep you moving.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated during exercise and through the day will help keep your muscles and body healthy.

Use code HYDRATEALLDAY for 30% off products at